About The Books


A Practical Guide to Hiring the Best Immigration Lawyer

There are so many immigration lawyers. How do you know which one is good? Having immigration problems is stressful alone! But not knowing who a good immigration lawyer is and finding one should not be another of your problems!

Good news! This book will guide you in finding and hiring the best immigration lawyers. This book is not an infomercial to get clients relate to immigration law. Instead it is a guide to help people with the process of finding and hiring the best immigration lawyers. In this straightforward and unbiased book, you will find:

  • Not all immigration lawyers are the same. What is the difference?
  • How to avoid problems that occur between people and their immigration lawyers?
  • The right questions to ask immigration lawyers that others don’t.
  • An exclusive interview with Ivan Sanchez.
  • How to prevent yourself from immigration scams?
  • The difference between immigration forms preparers and immigration lawyers.


“Nasir Qureshi is one of the true network marketers that really “gets it”.

~ Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

There is an old saying “wherever the mind goes, the body follows”. Everything great starts in the mind first. Get the bulletproof mindset for network marketing and win big!

  • What is the network marketing industry?
  • What is a bulletproof mindset for network marketing?
  • Find out if you do have a bulletproof mindset to win big?
  • How to keep a bulletproof mindset?
  • Find the secrets to win big in network marketing.
  • Anyone can have a bulletproof mindset in MLM and how?
  • Find out information on mindset MLM companies do not talk about and why?
  • Learn simple exercises to keep a bulletproof mindset.
  • Why do people quit network marketing too soon?
  • What is one thing that you need to be successful in network marketing?
  • And much more.