About Nasir Qureshi


“Nasir” is an Arabic word, which means “helper” and “victorious”. Nasir Qureshi dedicates himself in helping others achieving victories in their lives. As such he lives a full filling life to the meanings of his name.

Nasir lives in Houston, Texas with his wife and three children. He enjoys doing a home-based business, mentoring, and leading many around the world. He speaks nine different languages and is well-traveled around the world.

Nasir was looking for freedom from working in law firms. Freedom from not having a boss. Freedom to own a business and to work from anywhere at any time. He knew such businesses existed. But didn’t know how to find one that he could trust and do without having any prior experience.

Until a fortune came his way. A total stranger who was an expert in the home-based business industry met Nasir. He showed how to start a home-based business and helped him to become good at it. This helped Nasir to retire from his job.

Today, Nasir shares his story around the world and helps many achieve their own freedoms.